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Art of War 3 Review

Here you can find authentic war. War planes are all around the battlefield, attack from the air. You need an educated pilot, who will cover you on the land.

Do you want to protect your country? This game allows you to get to know different kind of weapons. Soldiers dispose of perfect equipment. An upgrade is available.

Tanks are one of the most crucial line defences on the ground. Do you have enough of them to stay stable? Probably you suppose that entire this machine you are safe. But that is not true, they can quickly destroy you. Enemies own excellent equipment too. Is it absolutely everything allowed in this game?

We think it is not good to start if you don’t think about your strategy. Take part in battle like this one, includes more than a good plan. Plans and plans are behind the conflict. One option is asking friends for help. Team up with other soldiers.

Are you thinking about pulling back in hard moments? Must to know that enemy is cruel.

Unexpectedly good 3D graphic arts and sound of planes make the defence seems like real.

Perfectly works on all Android mobile phones, and the game is supported only on this type of devices.

Also, it would be better that there are some new maps. It is quite annoying when you play on the same ground. It would be interesting if players can design tanks by themselves. A good suggestion for updates, we will be happy if there are different types of battles. Our goal is to move forward.

How To Play This Game?

We recommended watching a video about this warfare strategy game. It is no accident there are more than five million downloads. You can join other participants and play this game on your Android phone, just need to download it.

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