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Big Farm: Mobile Harvest – Free Farming Game Review

Don’t miss the adventure to join more than 10 million farmers all around the world. Absolutely the best game ever played with the authentic natural environment. Meet different animals and play with them. You can have a beautiful backyard full of herbs and wildflowers. Create your farm and enjoy there with your friends. Which is your favorite cereal? You can plant everything by yourself.

We are thinking about the modern form of a big farm.  Imagine a lake or even a pool in the countryside. Design cottage as you prefer. From the small cottage build a big house. You can make more objects.

The most exciting part is harvesting products. The only difficulty is fuel. Hard workers never have enough fuel to do everything that they imagine.  It is an excellent idea to do everything manually, but it takes a lot of time. Time is money.

Profit is easy, just calculate it well. There are cheaper and more expensive seeds, but the amount of earnings depends on it. Because of that, it is essential to expand your land so you can plant more. You can even earn double! You will need plenty of gold to expand the field. Animals can bring you money and functional calculations. Feed your chicken and get eggs.

Your hobby can be organic farming. Our favorite is aubergine.

Make new friends and collaborate with them. You can unite with other farmers and organize a modern farm festival.

This game is more than farming, this is competition for the best farm. This game takes responsibility. If you don’t harvest your crops, the seedlings will dry, and you will lose your money and time. Don’t miss the coupons!

 This game allows you to constantly advance and gain new abilities. You can’t find a bad mood on this farm. An addictive game you can’t stop playing. Surpassing gifts are waiting for you.

How to Play This Game?

If you like the countryside and animals, this is the appropriate game for you. Watch this video to learn how to play this unbelievable game. If you enjoy, download it and become the best farmer. Don’t forget to harvest your plants on time!