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Blade & Wings Review

Welcome to the new season of this fantasy game. There are four separate scenes for the main heroes. This brave girls and boys are more active than early. Can attackers catch one of them? Their chances against enemies also increased so you can admit that there are much stronger than before. Most of all, we love the circular movement of the sword, it looks very powerful.

Can you believe there are more than one million players worldwide? If you want to try the same play, this is your opportunity to join them!

We know for sure that you will enjoy the beautiful landscape and the waterfall. The pets in this story are especially cute. After each successful fight, great rewards are waiting for you.

It is not easy to persist in this game. Don’t let your opponents surprise you when they appear out of nowhere. The dangerous thing that can happen is that an enemy kidnaps a member of your team.

We think that this game is very addictive and you can play all day the same one.

We didn’t notice new characters so we are hopeful that they will come soon.

We are free to say that exciting during the playing doesn’t fall. The reason why this game is apart from others is not requiring a lot of money. Just play hard and you will get the gems free. It is agreeable with all devices, which is also a great thing.

We can praise the high-quality graphics, even on the mobile phone. Games control could be more elaborated. Also, it would be better if there are more options for weapons. Our hero would be happy with more different swords or knives. We know there are three classes but that is necessary to improve abilities. This game is reminiscent of a good cartoon.

Useful advice is to download all files and avoid a bad experience with losing connection.

How to Play This Game?

If you need more time to get experience about the rules or you want to get to know the new power of the main heroes, watch this fantastic gameplay video. If you are ready for a unique experience, download and start playing. Enjoy!

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