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Block City Wars: Pixel Shooter with Battle Royale Review

Maybe you got the impression that this is game like other block games but this one is extraordinary. This pixel war counts over than ten million players all around the world. It sounds impressive, it is simple to join them!

Choose the best Minecraft to win this game. For more effective weapon you need to collect enough stars. We adore railgun. Triumph requires this fantastic machine.

Don’t forget to grab free cash. We are thrilled with the vehicles. You can pick different shapes and colors for rides. If you want to be more powerful upgrade them.

Your most straightforward task is to defeat the assigned rivals. When the skeleton’s head shows that it is a sign that you destroyed the enemy. Even some of them you can destroy with your abilities, just use hands. Don’t forget to try the bombs. The bomb can ruin more than one rival, of course you have to shoot precisely.

Armor is also essential to protect your Minecraft. Design your Minecraft as you wish.

We think you couldn’t decide about the game mode. So many options are offered, and each is more and more interesting. Eliminate your opponents and earn money. Destroy as much riders as you can, and your reputation will grow. Try to kill rival with one shot. Sounds challenging? Sometimes your task may also be a car to crash. The map on the sideshows your exact location and your direction of movement.

Runaway from the police. If the police catch you, your mission is over.

It would be better if participants can enjoy better weapons. Isn’t it more enjoyable to use more powerful weapons?

We suggest this amazing and thrilling game for all strategy and shooting lovers.

How to Play This Game?

If you like games like Minecraft, you will certainly adore this one and if you want to join this adventure, here is an opportunity to watch gameplay video. Download and enjoy! If you are not sure about your playing, obviously try free fight to learn more tricks.