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Darkness Rises Review

Probably the most enjoyable game with the best graphics ever. This game reminds on a movie in a dark and mysterious castle with brave and strong heroes.

This absolutely astonishing game is compatible with PC and Android and iPhone mobile phones. The game offers a lot of different stories. Your warrior defeats the forces of evil that seek to inhabit the Earth.  The first tale is about father and daughter, but the next one is with younger characters. What about saving the girl? Well, her hero must prepare an attack and save her from the enemy. Heroes have potent weapons. Also, protection must be at a high level. When you clear stage coins will be there as a reward. All the time you can upgrade your skills and items. Even a piece of jewelry is allowed to be chosen. If you are thinking about the dragons, of course they are here.

The game is for one player but your company all the time is a virtual girl. It is inspiring to explore different levels of this dungeon. Sounds are like real and exciting.

Let your compass be the orientation of where to go on the path to accomplishing your mission. The good thing is that you can stop and continue playing when you think you are ready. Notifications can be boring a little, and they distracted us from the game a bit.

How to Play This Game?

Here is an excellent gameplay video for all fans of Darkness Rises. Watch separate stories and figure out how to win these monsters. If you appreciate it, download this adventure game and play!

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