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Death Invasion : Survival Review

Fantastic game with zombies, imagine a downtown full of walking deads. We recommend this death invasion for all shooting games fanatics.

As you can notice from the headline, here is success to survive. Your mission is a clean city from this dead bodies. Or you want to become one of them?!

If you want to persist in this area of zombies, you must find other playmates.

When you unite, it will be more accessible to find the door to get released. Don’t let the zombies’ lingering emotions fool you, they are still zombies and want your blood.

Helpful tip : If you find a tank, use it, because it is mighty. Don’t forget hard gloves! In the end, the biggest challenge is zombies boss. It won’t be easy to destroy him.

All recommendations for this action with the dead, graphics are outstanding.

Very convincingly, even blood appears real and zombie noises are authentic. The options are well organized, easy to handle in everything. But still, all the time adrenalin is working and it is not borning at any moment. It is possible to upgrade your defenses.

It would be better if the weapons are more accessible.

 Zombies can’t wait for you. Start playing now!

How To Play This Game?

If you are not experienced enough yet for this game, you can watch this entertainment video. It is full of useful tricks and advices on how to fight against dead forms! If you enjoy this video, you can download this game and play on all types of devices.

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