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Design Home Review

Find a family in the game and decorate the interior. Create a warm home and build a family within it. There are plenty of choices, it is just up to you what you want. Collect enough points to pay off all your wishes financially. Furniture and decoration are available in multiple colors and patterns.

This is your chance to be a designer and potentially see what a home can look like when you get it. Transfer old to new home or apartment. At least it is easy here, anything you don’t like can be deleted and replaced with a better one.

Experience your dream in full splendor and buy the couch you want, install a big size bed and cheerful wall colors. Various accessories are available such as curtains, chandeliers, bookshelves with different designs. Here is a chance to see what a children’s room might look like. Are we coloring it blue or pink? Or a combination? How do you arrange everything to make your baby happy?

The task of this game is to solve 3 puzzles to discover new possibilities for decoration. There are several types of models on offer, do you like old or new homes? Are you more of a village or town? We love the variety and we can notice that the game leaves different styles. The living rooms can be modern with little furniture or family with different accessories. It amazed us that the game is available offline, so you can express your inspiration at any moment. We absolutely recommend the game, it is totally free and is a source of great entertainment. New updates are constantly available with better and improved pieces of furniture.

How to Play This Game?

This is ideal for all decorators. Not much to say, anything can be experienced through gameplay video. Download the game and enjoy new homes.

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