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Dungeon & Heroes : 3D RPG Review

Welcome to the strange country, isolated and full of weirds, unfamiliar to the real world. But monsters like in this story, you will never find anywhere. At first thought, they ice blood in the veins. On the other hand, they look astonishing in their size and color. Dragons made our most significant impression.

It is up to you how your heroes will look. Try to surpass the appearance of an already created monsters. Can you do that better? Make sure they look magnificent. Work on their abilities. Do you pick sword or spear for your hero? Your warrior must be stronger and ready to attack. Be sure to try tiny potions, in that way you will increase attack. Most of all we love Nekros.

The good idea is to form the group of the best heroes.

As we expected, great rewards are waiting for the hero. Unlock every step and come to the aim.

Admit you can’t wait for Arena fights for the prime ranking! Prove your real strength and come out victorious. Do you deserve a merlin sword?

The directions are clear and precise, everything is evident and acceptable. On the map you will notice the objects, so you will know where is what. The best thing is that this 3D game is multiplayer so that you can participate with other people all around the world. Suggest to your friends to mesh in combat. Don’t miss a mysterious chest!

We expected more from the graphics, but the game is very good. We think this game deserves more than 1 million downloads.

How to Play This Game?

We don’t need to remind you that you need strong internet connection, that is a condition for this game.  If you don’t know how to play this game, this gameplay video will help you to learn. We hope it will leave expression on you, so you can download it!

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