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Game of Sultans Review

As you might imagine, this game is about the fight for the throne.

Your job is to help the prince to become an emperor. You can choose the name you want. When the new sultan becomes stable, the army will become more powerful.

This is a strategy game, so you must figure out the best soldiers approach.

Go back in history and manage with the most influential empire. Try real Turkish coffee with gorgeous girls from the harem. There is an opportunity to explore all beauties and vast gardens of the famous Topkapi Palace. The game is reminiscent of a popular tv serial, that has picked up audiences all over the world.

Without doubt, very addictive game. I was fascinated by the authentic music.

The rules are simple, you challenge other 10 million players all around the world. Can you stand out in such a large number? You have to try it!

How To Play This Game?

If you want to peek into the past and met the sultan’s family, watch this gameplay video. If you are going to play, you can download Game of Sultan and make your strategy to conquer. Enjoy it!

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