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Garena Free Fire – Anniversary Review

This island is amazing. This land is welcoming for different people from all around the world. There are more than 100 000 000 downloads. Wow! This competition must be impressive! Multiplayer game, excellent for socializing with friends and other players. Through this game you can share experience and competitive spirit. It looks like other games, but it is not. It is specific because of the number of players. You will find yourself in the middle of the battle with 49 other players. Find the best way to survive every 10 minutes. Only one can survive. Sound like it is not dull? This game wakes up your adrenalin every second.

You can choose your first place to survive and do everything you can to stay live longer. Try a ride in a tank and fire munition and that will be an unforgettable experience!

We win the game four times in a row, but we couldn’t find a shotgun. Guns abound can be found everywhere. The big tank is an excellent thing because there is an air package which can fire you into the air. Masks are also incredible like you are playing Halloween. You can choose the face of an innocent or a monster. The point is to make a good strategy against the enemy. Picture of this war is incredible, and we think that this game gets under your skin.  It is not boring at any moment.

The bad thing can happen if you lose connection. We are not sure about the cause of death, but you will die for sure. We will be happier if there are some new cars and other equipment.

How to Play This Game?

The great thing is that this game is available on the mobile phone so that you can find entertainment at any moment. Watch this video and find a soldier in yourself. If you like this game, download it immediately and start with a ten-minute action. Good luck!