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Game of Thrones Conquest Game Review

An absolutely legendary game produced for fans of the eponymous series. Experience your own fantasy with your friend or other millions of players all over the world. The graphics is amazing, and you will have a feeling that you are living in real The Seven Kingdoms. Haven’t you always wanted it, waiting for the new episodes? This game, based on famous series, Game of Thrones, let you win The Iron Throne, you just need to start fighting.
Opt for fraud or loyalty and expand your kingdom fighting with enemies and gain ground. Each of the kingdoms has its own dragon egg. First of all, you have to raise your dragon egg. It is possible that this part requires a lot of time and financial support. So be patient and give your strategy right form.

In the meantime, you can build you house and gather an army. Become one of the main characters of this game, pick up your sword and participate in this incredible battle in the kingdom. Make a strategy for your land, arrange your army and rule the territory. Dragons are waiting for you to create them and win the Iron Throne!

How to Play This Game?

If you don’t experience how to play this game, or you are not skilled enough yet, you can watch this amazing gameplay! If this game leaves an expression on you, you can download it, or if you have already downloaded it, you can see some cool moves and tricks! ENJOY

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