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Hollywood Story Review

What is it like to lead a life as a celebrity? Build your own Hollywood Story. Start from scratch.

You will get some money to rent an apartment. You might even have a roommate. Look for a right partner. Fall in love, passion vortex is available for new celebrity. With the first cast, you will also earn a profit. Later, life will be better as a star.

You can pick different clothes here because you must always look stunning. Your star deserves a professional makeup. Fill the closet with fashionable clothes. You can wear designer products that are made just for you.

Have you ever imagined yourself with different hair colour? Maybe you don’t have enough courage to try a new style, but this personality is. Every day try a new hairstyle!

Be ready for the red carpet! Can you imagine driving in a limo? Fans are waiting for you, give them an autograph.

What celebrities do? Create products with their signature. Does something smell like new perfume? Or there is a new line of underwear?

All the time, we are talking about Hollywood? Wait for the second, other cities also available. Have you ever visited New York? Big Apple is eagerly waiting for a new star.

You must be patient, play hard and you will unlock other cities like are Las Vegas and Beverly Hills. Almost forget, pets are so cute. Treat a pet as well as the star. They will appreciate that. It is fashionable to make a tattoo. In this story, famous also make a baby. They can be popular too. The graphics are amazing, everything is shiny, as it fits the stars.

We know that the famous are rich, but it would be better if the diamonds are more affordable. This game is expensive, but not everyone can be famous.

How To Play This Game?

If you are a fan of the celebrities, check this video. Learn how to deal with famous people. If you like this game, you can download it immediately.

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