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Honkai Impact 3rd Review

Welcome to the fabulous and imaginary world of fighting heroes. Figures are very hot in astonishing outfits.  These girls use sharp swords.

Their residence is a warship. The view from this ship is priceless. Precise movements and courage define these heroes. Every attack is counting as a score. If you kick harder more points are available. It is allowed to jump, bend, twist or similar movements but the aim is to avoid the enemy weapon. The biggest challenge is a giant monster and only multiple attempts can destroy him.  When your warrior is in exceptional danger, a warning circle will appear around him. We can say that opponents look like death, all with sabres in hand. It can be dangerous if you run into an enemy that has wings and can fly.  He can attack you from the air, so you must jump as much as you can. There is a possibility that you will struggle with two monsters in the identical period. It is an opportunity to show all your skills and deal with two strokes at the same moment. There is also a kick counter in the game, and you will know what your enemies are planning.

If you do all task, the reward will come from the main character AI Chan. If you want to promote your abilities, there is a supply card to develop power instantly.

We like this game because it has more battlefields and is not boring at all. Virtual projections among the participants are useful and you should follow them. Sounds very convincing that this is real action.

What we particularly like is the colour change of the environment when the enemy gives a stronger hit. It seems to us that our hero will faint, but it awakens stronger strength after a heavy blow. What delighted us was that if you enter your personal information and start playing on another device (which supports the game), you can continue where you left off.

How to Play This Game?

We recommend this adventure for all fiery players. Video is useful for functional movements and to see how to advance skills and protection. Yes, it is possible to play this on the PC and IOS and Android mobile. Almost forget, your friends are also welcome in this action-adventure with wondrous girls.

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