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Idle Heroes Game Review

This game is not so unique due to its quality, great plot or interesting characters – it is also one of the most played and downloaded apps on the whole web. You can play it with more than 30 million players from all over the world. It sounds so exciting, doesn’t it? Your start is at breathtaking Sara Forest and your journey will end up in outstanding High Heaven!

First of all, you have to train heroes and it is very interesting intro in the game, but still it is the most boring part. The excitement comes next. When you are done with trainings, your heroes will powerful, skilled and very difficult to defeat. The tasks you have to do and and demanding quests will occupy your attention for a long time! Be ready to spend all your free time on this game!

You can also take part in Arena fights. You can choose only 4 of your best players and send them there to win this multiplayer contest. Depending on your position on the board, you can win many interesting and more than valuable prizes for you and your heroes!

How to Play This Game?

If are not so skilled and have difficulties with playing this game, you can watch this amazing gameplay – it can help a bit! If this game leave an expression on you, you can download it immediately.

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