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King of Avalon Game Review

This game is recommended for all history and fantasy lovers. Currently, there is a copule of games like this on the markt, but this one is special. As many of you already know, king Arthur’s body is lying in a fortress placed on the Avalon, next to the famous Excalibur. Just to remind you – he is dead because his nephew bertayed him during the battle.

To be good in this game, you need to win all the battles, and for that you will need skilled and well trained army. Your strategy has to be different and clever. Your magic dragon might be pretty helpful – keep that in mind!

Don’t forget that you can send spys and infilter them among your enemies. They will collect crucial information and you know how important info is durng a serious war like this one. Good luck with building the gratest army and empire of all time!

How to Play This Game?

Take a look at this amazing gameplay – this guy really knows what he is doing. You can copy his strategy and try to be as good as he is.

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