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Kingdom Wars Game Review

 you can see from its title, this game is all about wars and fighting. You can play it with more than 10 million players from all over the world. Configure your creature and participate in the war. All the time, it is possible to upgrade the new character. This is absolutely one of the easiest games we have ever tried. I really like this game, but it would be better if there are more levels to play. It’s not boring, because you can always work on your soldier and increase its power. If you want to unlock a new level, it’s very important to collect gold. Battle will be easy if you upgrade creature or you can upgrade castle. When you notice small ghost, it is sign that the enemy is dead.

This game is recommended for all fantasy and strategy lovers. Level 75 is probably the hardest, so figure out a special strategy. The good thing in this game is rating and you can easily get excellent achievements. The graphics is not so good, but you will enjoy for sure. No doubt, I will play this fantasy game forever. Until then, I am waiting for some updates.

How to Play This Game?

If you are not experienced enough yet, you can try watching this great gameplay. There are some cool moves and tricks, that can be helpful. Good luck!

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