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Left to Survive : Zombie PvP Shooter Review

One more game about zombies, but this is unique, with the best graphics ever. It counts more than 10 million downloads all over the world. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? If you are a fan of shooting games, let your adrenalin to raise in this action. Does scary you these dead bodies? They are just thirsty of new blood. It does not matter if you were friends just a couple minutes ago, you need to delineate in your head that they are just zombies. The game influenced players all over the world, regardless of age.

Resources will keep you alive, you need to grab them. You have to pick them everywhere. Unfortunately, they are very close to dead people. They don’t need an item, it’s a trap for you because you can’t live without supplies. This surviving every moment isn’t simple, but you will enjoy it for sure. Your friends will help you. They also are looking for safety.

In this war with thirsty bodies, it is allowed to use a different type of weapons. Grenades can destroy the whole group of enemies. If you run out of the gun and other tools, you can buy or upgrade for real money. 

Success follows experience, destroy as much as you can! Destroy the biggest zombie, it’s full of gold, they will help you to become better. My favorite stroke is headshot!

The good thing is that you can reach the helicopter, from the air is the best defense. Kill all them with one move.

The best thing is live competition with other participants. Can you surpass them? Only then you will make sure that there is no walking dead.

Toxic gas is something new, but you will not find a stronger weapon than this. It destroys everything in front of you.

It is necessary to make a shelter, a place to hide from walking corpses.

Simple, we love this game.

How To Play This Game?

This fantastic game is unforgettable, every moment is full of entertainment. Become a good shooter and find your favorite zombie. If you are interested in, watch the video below. If you desire to participate, download on your mobile phone and start play. It is compatible with all your types of devices.

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