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Mad Skills BMX 2 Review

Who doesn’t like racing bikes? We recommend this game for all adrenalin players. Try dangerous and winding paths and win the race.

If you want to get a prize, you must come first on the aim. The audience cheers you up, you just need to concentrate on the right way. It is clear that you must be faster than another competitor.  Use your BMX as good as you can. Every win gives you money and gold.

Can you imagine that outside it is raining and you wish to ride this fantastic racing bike? Well, in this game you don’t have to worry about it, because there is always sunny and clear sky. Over than ten million competitors are participating in this race and this is a magnificent opportunity to join them. It is allowed to take the color of a racing bike but that doesn’t affect your speed skills.

We preferred to race in the forest because the graphics is attractive. But the stadium race is also immeasurable. It is better to try both and analyze.

Cool advice for winning the race: jump, then you go down and that becomes you faster. Also, use the rollers on the side, they will improve your riding. You will feel like crossing through the forest. Training wheels can be useful too.

It would be better if we can pick some fluorescent equipment for the participant.  It is a good idea if there exist other aspects of the trail. For example, a scene from the bike.

How to Play This Game?

To be good in this game you need a lot of exercises. We recommend training mode. If you want to learn new tricks you can watch this video and figure out everything about this game. Be faster than others. Good luck!