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Merge Dragons! Review

Get to know these fantastic mini dragons. There are so positive. They share their influence on a healthy way.

These little dragons cure the earth. You will see how these amazing creatures will remove all pollutants. Isn’t it great that someone has a conscience about our planet? New plants represent a new beginning for contaminated land.

Make sure to combine the identical items in the group of five minimum. Then they will disappear, and you will get a bonus. Try to make as much moves as you can. Items you can find are yellow stars, purple crystals, skulls, chests, plants and other mini figures. Are you curious about how to get a dragon egg?

By the same principle, one more massive dragon may form several small dragons. Make a lot of moves and get enough dragon gems. OK, you can start with a minimum of five items but what if you collect seven and more? Bonus is double! You just need to confirm tap. Also, it is possible to create their own camp.

In such a land of dragons, everything looks cheerful, fresh and there is beautiful nature.

The point of this game is to make smart moves in this game. There are more than 10 million players, sound like a lot? Do you want to challenge some of them?

It would be better than we don’t have to wait so long for credits to play levels.

It is not hard to play – you can only spend time relaxing. It is excellent for children. All the time the game is bright and optimistic. It has a good impact on children because they will get knowledge of nature protection.

How to Play This Game?

We think that this is an easy game, it is enough to watch this video once and you will figure out what is going on there. If you are interested in it, you can download and start to play! Say hello to sweet dragons.