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Murder in the Alps Review

This game is unique with mystery elements. Live for a moment in the 1930s and met breathtaking journalist Anna Myers. Investigate the Alps with her.

The environment is extraordinary. You will get an unsolved case.

In this situation, somebody must be a great detective and solve the mystery.

My favorite part is hidden things, you can found them with the pointer.

Diary and map will help you, don’t forget them!

Are you creative enough to figure out the safe code?

We adore this enigma play. It feels like a crime thriller, even characters remind on popular

actors from the movies. No wonder there are more than 5 million players – can you try it, too?

The only problem can be energy, it requires time to be filled completely. Until then, you can prepare the next moves.

Everything is calm and in harmony with the game. I will play this game forever, all recommendations!

How To Play This Game?

If you want to visit the hotel in the Alps, watch this gameplay video, it is so authentic. The second option is to download game immediately, you will not regret it! Good luck, detective!

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