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Pixel Car Racer Game Review

As you can guess, this game is about cars and competitions. Get into a mechanic studio and see how it works. There is a separate garage, you can not design it. Aim of this game to find the correct way to detour rivals and win the race. You don’t need a specific strategy, go straight and you will easily win the race. You simply notice competitors. Graphics could be better, its not so exciting game. Cars don’t sound like real, even I must turn off the sound because it is not pleasant. It is too easy to win, no competitive spirit at all. Maybe we recommended this game only for the younger population. The racetrack is the same all the time, it is pretty dull. Also, there are no new cars. I don’t like that everything is monotonous. Slightly fixes of the weather conditions will be ok. We can consider this game as the easiest ever.

How to Play This Game?

If you like racing and cars, you can watch this gameplay video. If you enjoy it, you can download this game and try it with other 5 million players from all around the world

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