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Pixel Starships Game Review

We recommend this game for all fantasy fans. There is an opportunity to met 3D aliens with other 1 million players all around the world. Personalize your starship. There are different rooms in the starship, and you can design them. The point of the game is to fight for your starship. Learn how to eliminate enemies! Make a good strategy of how to destroy aliens.

There are so many different types of weapons that you can use. Become guide of your starship. New planets represent new opportunities to improve skills. Try teleport room, you have always wanted that? Graphics could be better. It feels like you’re in the dark all the time. We got the impression that the game not completed. Mobile phones support this game, but definitely, you need a big display.

How to Play This Game?

If you are wondering how to play this game, please watch this gameplay. If you enjoy it, it is possible to download this game. Good luck with aliens!

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