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Seekers Notes® Review

Here is one more mystery game but this one is super special. This time all these strange situations include the puzzle. For all the curious who want to assemble and construct parts this is the best-looking recreation. It seems like you get the role of a seeker, all we have to do is remark lost things.

Can your eye miss something hidden and unknown? Try to find everything that is required to finish the task. Sweet guardians are here to protect you from dangerous monsters. They are so cute!

When you select a location in a neighborhood adventure can start! When you complete one situation, then you change your position. Sounds are little creepy and disturbing, but that completes this mysterious game. Mayor’s office is the most enigmatic. We adore Summer Café because it is relaxing to be played. Explore the treasure box and find identical forms and colors. It is minimum to find three of them. Mosaics are beautiful.

Very interesting game with various levels full of entertainment and pleasure. No stress game with elements of surprise and diversity. You will enjoy it for sure.

How to Play This Game?

Does it sound like a spy game? Watch this gameplay video and discover all secrets of this mysterious and dark tale. If you are satisfied with instructions, don’t wait too long to download and start searching!

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