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Star Girl – Fashion Makeup & Dress Up Review

Welcome to the world of interesting and famous people. Here you can meet real star on the red carpet. Ups, this game deal with pink carpet. This sounds more exciting, doesn’t it?

Gossiping in this world is allowed, too. Vote for your favorites and estimate who is good or who is not for this game. We are sure that you have never imagined dresses like these. Absolutely unique, tailored in a specific way!

Boys are also there. Give opportunity to your prince to get to know him. Together become celebrity stars. Boys also can give you a present. The number of diamonds and stars will increase with your useful activities. You must pick free diamonds.

Can you imagine that your job is shopping all day at shopping moll? Wow! And get rewards for that. This is not a mistake. Take a selfie in a friend’s house and you will get a bonus. When you become rich, you will buy expensive clothes. Who wouldn’t want this? Chose the best make up for your new face.  Imagine social media in the middle of the game. We are talking about Facebook. Why not? That is the best way to find the right mate for your soul. Get likes and friends request as much as you can.

The best thing is that you can pick the best career for yourself.

We recommend not to miss a chance to play this game. For sure, characters are funny, and you cannot find a bad mood in their situations. The background is excellent, and you feel like there is a real garden or room. Also, we expected pets in the room, but we couldn’t find them.

How to Play Game?

If you always wanted to be a star, here is your opportunity to try how it looks like. Watch this gameplay video and learn how real stars behave in front of the camera. Don’t miss to try the red carpet!

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