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SuperStar JYPNATION Review

This game is created for all Jypnation fans. If you want to follow this group of fanatics, that includes possession of a mobile phone. We will have to disappoint the Android owners. No less – no more, it requires android. This entertainment is looking for Samsung mobile phone!

Since ever you have following stars and hope you will be closer to them. A dream come true, Jypnation stars are here. Everything is about music – it fuels our souls.

Test your brain, try all three levels of every song. Easy is for amateurs, the warming up begin here. If you are not experienced enough, normal level is ok but you will need more practice for the next step. The hardest is a challenge for the best listeners.

Also, you can collect cards approaches to see what famous artists are.

When we are playing superstar Jypnation, we enjoy pure entertainment. It is not complicated, absolutely no wasting of time. You can play it while traveling to a long destination or can be a simple daily routine.

As you recognize the word PERFECT, that is a sign that you are in the correct direction. While you are playing, your favorite singer will entertain you, whose card you have previously selected. This sounds great, doesn’t it?

Exclusive bonuses are waiting for you. This is unique, you play and listen to music in one game, an unforgettable experience. Look at all the cards, because that’s where the fun hides.

Here is something interesting: Most of the people play with two fingers from different hands. Why don’t you try to play with four fingers of one hand?  Have you ever tried something like that?  For something like this, the advice is to start with the easiest level.

This game is something that thrilled me.

It is your choice whether to use the headphones or you will share exceptional music with your friends, family or others in your surround.

How to Play This Game?

Here is everything about listening. Music only can relax you. Here is an opportunity for one no stress game. Watch this video to see what I’m talking about. If you have a proper mobile phone, the game is in your hand.

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