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The Walking Dead: Our World Review

This time the walking dead people appear in a completely new way. You can register in their world but from your real life. Isn’t this absolutely incredible? In the same time your friends or total strangers from the play can help you to execute the zombie. So, we can resume now. You will spend a day with mates from the actual presence and destroy dead people in virtual life. It is no mistake if you think that it is improbable to find a zombie in your apartment or park in the city centre. All you have to do is turn the application I see where they are moving.

Of course, you can choose your face. For a start, your body probably will be some older adult or odd character. But you will have the opportunity to promote your personality to a higher level.

Wait! You can’t fight against the dead without a weapon. There is an extended catalogue of armor which you can update or simply buy. Sometimes one shot won’t eliminate the enemy. Because of that your friend can protect you or you will improve your power.

The good thing is the opponent can see you until you shot them. So, you can notice them and figure out a good strategy against them. Our favourite attack is a headshot. That is simply a way to get rid of the body with just one move. If you fail to remove him with a single movement, the diagram above his head will show how much power he has left.

As you can notice on this additionally murdered and beheaded bodies, graphic is impressive. In nature environment everything looks lively.

Also, what is notable about this game? Choose your strategy precisely because every bullet and mode of murder is counting. Follow the mission icon to master zombie. If you are not careful enough, your life won’t take long in this game. Your mission will be to rescue a survivor and that it will reward you with extra points. Surprise! Again, something new in this type of play. It is allowed to construct a hiding place for the uninfected. Soon as you pick building materials, you will save more normal people. Don’t miss the sheriff’s duffel bag! The bomb is also a fantastic weapon even for the whole group of zombies.

How to Play This Game?

This game is straightforward to play. Just take your camera to the ground and you will enter into the game and met zombies. For all useful advice view this video and see how to avoid dead people. If you are satisfied with this live-action with dead bodies, download it and enjoy!

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